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Morton Machine Works is a manufacturer of quality tooling components. Supplying distributors, catalog houses and original equipment manufacturers, we offer a complete line of standard components with engineering experience. Morton Machine Works also has the flexibility to do custom work.

Facilities & Quality

Morton Machine Works has two facilities located in Central Pennsylvania. Customer service, office staff and shipping services are all housed in our Millersburg facility, while manufacturing is located in our Elizabethville facility. Morton's quality system is certified to ISO 9001 and is also compliant with the airframe industry's AS 9000 standard.


Morton manufactures over 3500 different tooling components. These products include knobs, handles, spring plungers, nuts, washers, clamps, thumb screws and a wide variety of clamping components. The uses and applications for these products are as varied as the products themselves. They are used in traditional jig and fixture setups; on original equipment; and for part replacements, prototypes, shop maintenance and custom applications. The list of tooling component applications is endless.