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21st Century Mfg. is a Lake Preston, SD manufacturing division of Alvord-Polk Inc. The company was purchased by Alvord-Polk Inc. in 1994 from Waldo Garberding. The brand name was discontinued in the early 2000’s, but manufacturing of HSS Reamers, HSS Core Drills and HSS Capscrew Counterbores has continued.

Beginning in 2015, 21st Century expended its manufacturing capabilities and began accepting “job shop” style projects for customers in the central South Dakota region. Grinding services, Turning and part development and production are now part of this site’s offerings.

November 21, 2018, 21st Century Mfg. was completely destroyed in an industrial fire. All staff escaped safely, but all equipment and the facility was lost. In April 2019, a temporary facility was moved into and manufacturing on a limited basis was re-established. It has been an ongoing challenge, but we rebuilt and moved into our new facility on December 18th, 2019.


Manufacturing Facility

205 Industrial Blvd SW, Lake Preston, SD 57249